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Professional Liability Defense

The Legal Professionals For Professional Liability Defense In Mississippi

The Gulfport law office of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum is where other Mississippi professionals turn to when in need of professional liability defense advocacy. Allegations of malpractice, errors and omissions or ethical violations within one’s profession can result not only in damaged reputations and monetary fines, but also endangerment of one’s license to practice – destroying years of hard work.

When faced with such potential consequences, it is vital that you have the best defense advocacy in your corner. The attorneys of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum can provide you with AV-rated advocacy and the legal experience needed to protect you from professional liability to the best extent possible while also offering you cost-effective rates.

The Legal Professionals That Professionals Turn To In Mississippi

We represent all manners of professionals throughout the state. If your profession requires a license to practice, or is governed by a licensing body, we can help protect your reputation and livelihood when facing the stress of a malpractice claim. We offer professional liability defense representation for clients and clients and industries that include:

  • Doctors, nurses and health care providers.
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists.
  • Dentists.
  • Attorneys.
  • Accountants / CPAs.
  • Financial advisors.
  • Notaries.
  • Court reporters.
  • Real estate agents, brokers, and appraisers.
  • Engineers.
  • Architects, and others.

No matter what profession you have dedicated yourself to, if it requires a license from a state or federal authority, we can provide the liability defense you need when your reputation comes under fire. Whether it is in front of a licensing board, a mediator, or a courtroom, our attorneys will be there to provide their zealous support.

Professional liability defense matters handled at our firm by Walter W. Dukes and W. Edward Hatten, Jr. They work closely with each of our clients to provide the best defense counseling possible and strive to establish long term, professional relationships with them when it comes to any legal needs.

Contact Professional Liability Defense Attorneys In Mississippi

If you are a licensed professional and are in need of representation or legal advice regarding liability defense or licensing board hearings, contact our offices at 228-868-1111 for experienced defense attorneys who look forward to assisting you.

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