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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mississippi Gulf Coast Lawyers Providing Cost-Saving Alternative Dispute Resolution Solutions

At the Mississippi law firm of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum, we are committed to achieving your legal goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Towards that end, we provide not only exemplary legal representation in the courtroom, but also experienced guidance when it comes to using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve legal disputes. Located in Gulfport, we serve clients across Mississippi and offer the ideal solution for all your ADR needs.

Mississippi Lawyers Experienced In All Forms of ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution has become a rapidly growing solution for many parties who want to solve their disputes through a neutral third-party, but without having to expend the considerable time and financial costs that can often be associated with a long, drawn-out process of a court trial.

ADR can take one of many forms, such as:

  • Mediation – An informal process where a neutral third-party attempts to bring the disputing parties together to reach an agreement (or at least narrow their differences), but without having the authority to decide the issue or impose a solution to the problem. In mediation, it is up to the parties to try and solve the problem on their own. All aspects of mediation are confidential, and will not prejudice the parties if they cannot come to an agreement through mediation.
  • Binding Arbitration – A process that is more formal than mediation, but less formal than a court trial. A neutral third-party acts as a type of judge by hearing each side in the dispute and then renders a decision on it. Strict rules of evidence are not enforced, but in binding arbitration, the neutral arbitrator’s decision is final and is generally not subject to appeal.
  • Non-binding Arbitration – A process that is similar to binding arbitration, only the parties are not bound by the arbitrators decision. Non-binding arbitration can still be useful to give the parties insight as to how a neutral observer might see the case, causing parties to consider settlement offers or compromises that they might not previously been inclined to accept.

Walter Dukes and Hugh D. Keating are trained and certified to act as a third-parties neutral to mediate, arbitrate, or to facilitate dispute resolution as a court-ordered umpire. Also, whether it is through mediation, arbitration, private judging or court-ordered umpires, the experienced attorneys of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum can offer you the best counseling on how to best resolve your dispute quickly and inexpensively, while still providing you with dedicated representation to help best protect your rights and interests throughout the process. We can provide you with guidance on the potential benefits and risk of each ADR method, as well as counsel you on related matters such as the enforceability of ADR agreements.

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If you need legal consulting on if Alternative Dispute Resolution is right for you, or need assistance with helping to facilitate a form of ADR for your legal dispute, call us at 228-868-1111 or contact us online. We are committed to helping you obtain your legal goals now and for the future.

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