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1983 Governmental Liability

Mississippi Attorneys Providing Zealous Defense Work Against Section 1983 Claims

The Mississippi law firm of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum has dedicated itself to defending government agencies throughout the state by providing legal representation at costs that are well suited for publicly-funded budgets. The staff at our Gulfport office provide the defense litigation resources needed when public agencies or officials are accused of violating federal rights.

Section 1983 Defense Lawyers In Mississippi Dedicated To Protecting Rights And Public Funds

Section 1983 federal discrimination claims against state agencies can result in large damage awards that local taxpayers will ultimately be responsible for. It is therefore important that these agencies have the best representation available to help avoid liability in non-meritorious claims or liability payout amounts that wouldn’t serve the public interest. Our experienced attorneys and legal staff can provide the kind of representation that is needed in such instances.

Clients we have represented include numerous law enforcement agencies, public educational institutions and other government entities. Our experience has included defending cases concerning every aspect of Section 1983 claims and related statutes, including allegations involving:

  • Civil rights violations
  • Police brutality
  • Excessive force
  • Discrimination
  • Negligent actions
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Sexual harassment

For any claims of any form of abuse of government authority by a state agency or public official, we have the experience and know-how to provide dedicated, determined and effective defense representation that the taxpayers of Mississippi deserve.

Our attorneys handle matters related to Section 1983 governmental liability claims, all of whom work closely and personally with our clients to ensure that they get the best, experienced counseling available for these cases.

Whether it is through zealous defense in a courtroom, or judicious counseling through forums of alternative dispute resolution, our representation will help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case while minimizing potential liability and legal costs.

Contact Section 1983 Defense Lawyers in Mississippi Today

If you are a public official or part of state agency in need of consultation or representation regarding Section 1983 allegations, contact the offices of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum at 228-868-1111. We look forward to assisting you with your legal needs.

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