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Business, Corporate & Commercial Law

Mississippi Attorneys Providing Your Business With The Right Legal Solutions for Business and Commercial Law

The AV-Rated Gulfport law office of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum are proud to support Mississippi’s business community by offering the best quality legal services for business and commercial law throughout the state at affordable rates for even the most cost-conscious enterprises.

We have a wide range of experience representing a broad spectrum of business clients in the state, including corporations, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and casinos.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Business Lawyers That Will Help You Plan For The Long Term

Successful business must be constantly attuned to changing economic climates and accordingly adjust their strategies over the long term. We at Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum are committed to forging lasting relationships with our business clients to best counsel them on the wisest business decisions that will allow them to thrive for years to come, regardless of whatever economic shifts and challenges that they may face.

To assist your enterprise with successfully navigating the many obstacles that are necessary to create and maintain a thriving business, we offer a full range of legal services, including:

  • Contract drafting and negotiation.
  • Business formation and organization – Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, etc.
  • Corporate governance – shareholder disputes, shareholder rights, director rights & responsibilities.
  • Sales and Acquisitions.
  • Property & Real Estate leasing.
  • Tax matters – Business tax, excise taxes, sales tax, property tax & income tax.
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) compliance.
  • Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Credit issues & creditors’ recovery rights.
  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

When clients or customers either declare bankruptcy or default on payments that they are contractually obligated to make to your business, we can help you recover as much as possible as quickly as possible in a manner where any legal costs will not subvert the bottom line.

Our lead attorneys Hugh D. Keating, Bobby R. Long, and Je’Nell B. Blum are happy to help you with whatever business and commercial law matters you need assistance with – both backed by the equally professional and experienced legal staff at our firm.

Contact the Business and Commercial Law Lawyers In Mississippi Today

If you are thinking of starting or currently represent a business that needs legal assistance or advice in commercial matters, contact the offices of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum today at 228-868-1111. We are ready to help you, and help grow the Mississippi business community.

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