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Airport and Aviation Law

Mississippi Attorneys Representing Client in Airport and Aviation Law Matters

Airport and Aviation law is a field that many firms are not equipped or experienced enough to handle properly. Not only is a thorough knowledge of the law and jurisdictional regulations required, but also knowledge of aerospace and aviation engineering in order to help fully understand the field and bring clients the best possible representation in it. The Mississippi law firm of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum has the experience and knowledge to bring you quality legal representation when it comes to all matters of airport and aviation law.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Lawyers Bringing You The Knowledge Needed For Effective Airport and Aviation Law Representation

For over two decades, we have proudly represented clients that have included airport authorities, commercial enterprises and individuals with a wide variety of issues in airport and aviation law, including:

  • Litigation and appeals;
  • Airport rules and regulations;
  • Security issues;
  • Government enforcement and regulations – including FAA, DOT & DHS;
  • Administrative litigation and appeals;
  • Airport noise and zoning issues;
  • Aviation-related torts;
  • Common carrier liability;
  • Hangar leasing;
  • Civilian-Military joint airport use agreements;
  • Commercial leasing agreements;
  • Commercial airport operating agreements;
  • Maintenance regulations and agreements;
  • Cargo shipment issues;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Anti-trust matters.

These represent just a small portion of the comprehensive services we offer in airport and aviation law. With offices in Gulfport, our firm has successfully served clients and their interests throughout the state. We build relationships with our clients that have lasted over 20 years, and we invite you to discover why we are one of the state’s most trusted firms when it comes to counseling and representation.

Our dedicated attorneys provide close, personal and prompt attention to our clients, addressing each of their concerns and offering them the most cost-effective options to help them reach their goals.

Contact Effective Airport and Aviation Law Lawyers In Mississippi

If you are an employee or representative of an airline, airport, commercial carrier, business, private pilot or any kind of party who needs quality counseling in matters regarding aviation law, contact the offices of Dukes, Keating, Hatten, McRaney and Blum today. Discover why we are among the most trusted firms in the Mississippi area.

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